keep in mind – Last month I almost got hit by a truck during my run?! It was light out as well as I was using bright clothes, however the truck didn’t see me as well as I didn’t hear it coming at all. Przerażający!

That exact same day somebody from Panasonic contacted me about trying their open Ear Headphones. They are specially designed to enable you to hear your music however likewise be able to hear what’s going on around you. This is extremely important for outside exercise – particularly as the days get shorter as well as we’re out when it’s dark!
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Their timing was perfect since I was still a bit shaken from my near death experience as well as I gladly accepted the offer.

They sent me an remarkable care bundle with the headphones plus other security running equipment! RER will online to run one more day

Bonus: They shown up in PINK!!! Didn’t expect that as well as totally like it. (They likewise are available in white as well as yellow – bright colors for additional visibility.)

I’m utilized to the bit ear buds that in shape inside your ear however these are designed to transmit noise while laying outside your ear. They are light weight as well as comfortable too. I was afraid they would bug me since I’m not utilized to the wrap around headphones, however I didn’t even notice a difference!

I am a huge big fan of doing things to be risk-free while running solo – however I never want to NOT run or discourage people from running. I dig that this is a excellent concept so we can listen to music as well as still pay interest to our surroundings!!

Vegas doesn’t seem to care about my new open ear headphones, however I understand he wants me to be risk-free deep down in his lil feline heart.

You can inspect out the Panasonic open Ear Headphones here. I believe they’d make a excellent Christmas gift for the runner or biker or outside exerciser in your life.

You can likewise comply with @PanaAdventure as well as #OpenYourEars for more!

Question: Do you keep your music low when you’re working out?

What do you do to be risk-free while exercising??

Disclaimer: This publish is sponsored by Panasonic. All opinions are my own. Be risk-free out there.

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