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What can you do if you can’t run? I’m sharing a listing of concepts that will keep me hectic while I’m injured (foot pain). All the show notes will be up on as well as make sure to comply with @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for the current updates. Dziękuję za śledzenie!

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The Run eat Repeat costume contest is BACK!! I’m inviting you to join as well as submit your costume for a possibility to WIN a prize! All the information is right here – Run eat Repeat’s costume Contest 

Also – I have a new publish up with my pet dog gear Favorites    <- video too Update on my foot injury… The great news is it’s NOT a anxiety fracture! [*Update: It was really damaged – the x-ray didn’t show it or was misread?? after this publish I got an MRI that verified it was broken. See a lot more here.] The poor news is it still hurts as well as I still haven’t been able to run. I lastly got into physical therapy as well as the PT stated it wasn’t a anxiety fracture based on some poking around. Yayy!! He started with warm on it as well as he had stretch my foot as well as do some exercises with a towel. Then, he did this ultrasound maker on it. as well as we ended with ice. But – it didn’t repair it. I want it fixed. See – this is my foot at physical therapy… So I went to acupuncture last night. I went a few years back when I stubbed my toe truly poor as well as believed it may have been broken. The physician asked me a ton of questions, she was incredibly thorough. It was funny when she asked me exactly how much I run as well as I stated about 40 to 50 miles a week… she said, “five – zero?!” Ha. Yeah, no question you broke your foot dumb dumb. She didn’t state that, however may have been believing it. Acupuncture… didn’t repair it. once again – I want it fixed. I’ve been doing whatever I can to let it heal, motivate it to heal quick however don’t feel like it’s improving as much as it must be. I can’t even do yoga ideal now since planks as well as downward pet dog hurt my foot! I believe I may requirement active release therapy or a cortisone shot since at this point it’s going on 3 weeks as well as the pain is a great deal less however there is still a extremely upset area in my foot. Myśli?? What must I Do considering that I Can’t Run? Odpowiedziałeś! as well as even though a few of these concepts must be evident – they weren’t. So I truly appreciate it as well as wished to share. These are the actions to my Instagram story concern – ‘What must I do when I can’t run?’… Yoga – @erobyn75 Czy ty umiesz pływać? – mr_roonil_wazlib If you’re moving soon, you might get the stuff you seldom utilize packed up? try new recipes. @introverted_owl Listen to ‘Jeff Lewis Live’ on Sirius XM’s Radio Andy @leftytiff Watch Suggestions: Succession, 90 Day Fiance as well as like After Lock Up Read, paint/draw, roll around on knee scooter – @mar_val77 READ – a great deal of people told me to read. You can compose me a running routine – @zonajoe76 Play with Diego (my dog) – @cindyco4 Grad School! – @emi.getsfit List of things I Can Do When I Can’t Run Czysty Modlić się Practice Spanish Rozciągać Trening siłowy Create new stamina routines (with new moves that will truly get me sore) Update the RER half marathon training plan Zumba? Podróż Get a boob job… or something else that needs time off running?? Make utilize of this time!! Figure out my life. Make a container List Cross products off container List Data Update RER’s Race Recaps Page Visit my Nina as well as Nino Watch my nieces Iść do kina Być masowany Go to acupuncture Start a new podcast Make a monetary plan Organize my mail / crucial papers Create a sheet with my family’s information for emergencies Pack my condo Plan my training as well as races out 6 weeks Płakać Sell all the random stuff I don’t want to move FIND somewhere TO LIVE Think about my plan for housing long term Perfect my signature drink! Wziąć udział w zajęciach Take Diego to training Clean out all my email Catch up with friends Clean out my phone contacts Clean out my closet Take pics of Diego in costumes Mail all those cards!! Medytować Plan holiday Gifts Update old RER articles & Run eat Repeat Pinterest Hang out with you in the Run eat Repeat Facebook Group Start the everyday inspect in Back up on @RunEatRepeat Instagram Wolontariusz Make a Vision Board Learn exactly how to do eyeliner & put on fake eyelashes Make elegant health club water Plan posiłków Vlog everyday updates on my development with guest star Diego for fun If you have any type of thoughts or recommendations on what I must be doing with my time or exactly how to repair my foot – please send them over!! Awards:  SklepGotowa mrożona kawa. Nosek nago muesli. Zdumiewający. Wszyscy ranni biegacze po prostu starają się pozostać pozytywne, a także rehabilitować swoje ciała z powrotem do 100% I w moim sercu wspomina dziś linię tekstu dylematu. Jeśli wymagasz pomocy, dobrym przyjacielem lub wierząc o obrażenia własne, napisz do linii tekstowej dylematu. Jest to zarówno bezpłatne, jak i ktoś odpowie na pomoc lub wsparcie w trudnym czasie. Po prostu SMS -y „Hello” do 741741 Jeśli masz problem z bieganiem, odżywianiem lub zdrowia i dobrego samopoczucia - prześlij je. Masz pytanie do biegania lub żywieniowego? Zadzwoń ze swoim troską, a także zostaw pocztę głosową na linii podcastu Run Rep Replant lub wysyłaj swoje pytanie… E -mail: Zostaw pocztę głosową: 562 888 1644 Aby zostawić pocztę głosową, po prostu zadzwoń do linii, a także podać swoje imię i nazwisko i miejsce (stan lub miasto w USA, kraj, jeśli na zewnątrz), a także zadaj swoje pytanie. Poprzednie artykuły na ten temat: Zraniłem się w stopę Ból na aktualizacji stóp Zasoby bólu stóp i strony internetowe dla biegaczy Sprawdź plany szkoleniowe, przepisy i aktualizacje życia na Śledź @RuneAtrePeAt na Instagramie, a także dołącz do grupy Close Run Eat Reprey Facebook, aby połączyć się z innymi biegaczami, a także zjadaczami! Dzięki! Wyślij mi skoroszyt 41 SAVE Dzielenie się jest dbaniem o innych! 41 Szpilka Udział Ćwierkać Udział Poczta Udział

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