Take your holiday brunch up a notch with this simple California cream Cheese with Cranberries as well as Walnuts. It mixes traditional holiday flavors with cream cheese as well as yogurt for a creamy bagel topping or dip.

My household celebrates the holidays with a huge fiesta Christmas Eve. We have tons of tamales, treats as well as adult beverages. It typically makes for a late night (luckily Santa waits up until everyone’s asleep to provide gifts).

It’s still custom for us to open gifts bright as well as early Christmas morning. To keep it simple we have a spread of breakfast foods so everybody can serve themselves throughout the morning.

This is as excellent method to fit different dietary needs as well as taste preferences. plus it makes it easier on the person in fee of breakfast. when the holiday brunch spread is out – you can delight in your company.

We always have some household favorites like pan dulce, fruit, yogurt, coffee, milk, hot cocoa, as well as bagels. however this year I have a new holiday influenced cream cheese recipe that’s tasty as well as is a quite addition to the table – California cream Cheese with Cranberries as well as Walnuts.

California cream Cheese with Cranberries as well as Walnuts


12 uncji. genuine California cream Cheese

½ c.  genuine California Yogurt, vanilla

1/3c. Suszona żurawina

1/3c. Walnuts, chopped

1 łyżeczka. Cynamon

2tsp. Orange zest

Directions: mix all components together thoroughly. let set in the refrigerator up until prepared to use.

(You can make this the day before as well as it will keep in the fridge overnight.)

Enjoy on bagels, toast or as a dip.

Easy holiday Brunch Menu

Here’s the entire holiday Brunch menu for this year…


California cream Cheese with Cranberries & Walnuts

Real California Butter

masło dyniowe

Pan Dulce

Real California Yogurt, vanilla



Real California Milk


Real California Eggnog

Tip: Prep whatever the day before so it’s prepared to set out in the morning. This method you can focus on your household as well as buddies (instead of looking for a platter for the bagels).

Remember to look for the genuine California Milk seal when buying for your groceries. I like that 99% of California Dairy Farms are household owned. California farm households are dedicated to creating nutritious, planet-smart milk for your preferred dairy products.

Get much more information as well as breakfast motivation here: RealCaliforniaMilk.com/better-breakfast

This publish is in partnership with genuine California Milk. All opinions are my own.

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